Biennale di Venezia 2016

Antes del comienzo de curso, los alumnos 2º de Arquitectura y dentro de la asignatura Visions of Architecture II participaron en la Biennale di Venezia 2016. En el transcurso de esos días tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar, además de la Venezia clásica, Mantova, Vicenza y Verona.

A continuación recogemos un extracto de la presentación de Biennale:

While opening previous editions, we have often complained that the present seems to how an increasing divergence between architecture and civil society.

Now we wish to explicitly examine whether and where there exist phenomena that show trends that run in the opposite direction with positive messages and we’re interested in having not only to the results, submitted to critical judgement, but also in the phenomenology of what has taken place in these positive examples: how the demand for architecture was born, how the needs and desires were highlighted and expressed, which procedures — logical, institutional, legal, political, and administrative — led to the demand for architecture, and thus allowed it to find solutions, beyond the banal or self-harming ones.

We are  nterested in the awareness that, when it is useful in leading to the creation of  public goods, architecture is a public good, in its technical definition: one’s fruition does not reduce the chance for its enjoyment by others. Presenting architecture in action
is also one of the answers to the permanent question raised by La Biennale. What is an architecture exhibition and what a Biennale Architettura is? We need to engage
with all the possible actors responsible for the decisions and actions with which the space of our living is realized. If Architecture is the most political of the arts, then the  architecture Biennale must acknowledge it.”

PAOLO BARATTA. Presidente de la BIennale di Venezia




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